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We are a group of business leaders who are passionate about making a difference in our businesses and communities through real connection.

Corporate TeeBox was founded 9 years ago by a business owner for other business owners and decision makers as a unique and safe way to connect in the Denver community. We have since developed a very in depth why and set of philosophies on how to network in a more productive and real way.

The group was founded on the golf course and has since grown into many different avenues which allow us to connect business leaders in a substantive way. This is ultimately what sets us apart from the traditional networking events we have all experienced.


Over the years with Corporate TeeBox we’ve had many of our members tell us that there is something akin to magic that occurs when they come to an event.
Spending hours debating on what exactly this magic was, we finally started digging into more science to pinpoint what makes this group different.  From that our fundamental beliefs and philosophy developed.  In the end networking and business is all about the relationship that is formed, and at Corporate TeeBox we believe the following:

  • All relationships are formed in a similar manner.

  • No two people can feel comfortable doing business together without trust

  • There are specific ways in which trust is formed: Spend time, Create emotion, and Break out of your comfort zone.

Because we believe these things everything that you experience with the group is done “on purpose.”  It is not just networking and this is not just another happy hour.  Whether you attend a golf outing or a non-golf event, we work to make sure your experience is thought out, beneficial, and engaging from start to finish.


Corporate TeeBox’s mission is simply this: Business First. We are committed to furthering the businesses that participate in the group, through golf, non-golf, educational, and relationship based events. We look forward to being able to connect you in a unique way that will help take you personally and professionally to another level.


Starting as the “picture girl” out on the course many years ago, Shara began to realize early on that there was a big difference in the camaraderie that was developed within a Corporate TeeBox group, as opposed to many of the other networking options out there. As a career Sales Professional networking has played a big part of the day to day business activity over the past few years. As such she began to see the same gap that Patrick formed the group to fill, there were a plethora of networking opportunities out there to be had but seemingly a lack of purpose and connection behind them. Many well intentioned people and founders of endless groups that all really want to create meaningful business connections, but not many of them doing it successfully. This started the study into why Corporate TeeBox was different and the new philosophies of the group began to form.