Corporate Tee Box was founded 6 years ago by a business owner for other business owners. The goal being to bring decision makers together in a unique way to benefit each other’s business. That the group was founded on the golf course is no accident: Our founder, an avid golfer wanted to develop a unique business group centered around golf and along the way the Corporate Tee Box of today developed. Realizing golf not only offered a great venue to spend time with business associates but a common bond, the relationship formation piece of our philosophy became a core foundation of our values. It ultimately is what makes us different from other networking and business groups around.

Membership is approved by our committee and we are happy to offer members extensive benefits.


  • Access to Membership database of owner decision makers dedicated to growing other businesses in our community.

  • Member rate event pricing.

  • Corporate Tee Box exclusive polo.

  • Discounted services to other Corporate Tee Box business partners and golf courses.

  • Handpicked foursome mini networking designed to advance your business.

  • Unique prizes and benefits at every event from our dedicated sponsors.